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Blackline Business Portal Delivers Unique Tracking Capabilities

Diana Winger July 13, 2011

CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwire - July 13, 2011) - Blackline GPS Corp (TSX VENTURE:BLN) launches its new hosted Business Portal - a web application and user interface that provides 'live' maps in the browser window to automatically show the real-time location of all targets being monitored by the company's Javelin™ tracking devices.

The purpose of Javelin is to collect evidence on the movement and location of a target's vehicle. Investigators and police services benefit from a new Business Portal playback feature that quickly maps the chronological history of past locations, documenting a target's past activity.

Javelin's new track-on-motion feature automatically streams location data as often as every 10 seconds to the user account, reducing the need for real-time user involvement, achieving high resolution activity records.

The Business Portal provides users with the ability to enable Javelin motion detection that messages users when driving activity begins. When necessary, the Business Portal empowers users to monitor real-time activity of their targets using a continuous tracking feature that updates the online map every 5 seconds. The Business Portal interface allows users to manage Javelin's removal detection providing an alert if its covert placement has been discovered, compromising the investigation.

"Our Business Portal includes the tools needed by investigators to make the most of Javelin's capability," says Barry Moore, VP of Research & Development. "In the coming year, we will grow the Blackline Business Portal to include safety, security, and logistics workflows within a single, harmonized user account."

About Blackline: Headquartered in Calgary, Canada, Blackline is an industrial safety and commercial product manufacturer. The company solutions address work environments focused on employee safety, while also offering connected hardware to improve security and communicate logistical information of company assets. The industrial business also aims to supply growing legislated and regulated markets, which exist largely around the globe, with service plans which provide functionality based on product hardware. The Company also maintains a suite of products and services which service the consumer and retail environment. Blackline's technology, dedication and vision combine to create an ever-growing suite of tools designed to Protect. Share. Connect.®

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