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Blackline Catalyst

Global partner ecosystem

The Industrial Internet of Things is transforming how businesses around the world are leveraging digital technologies to improve safety, agility, efficiency and quality. Connected workplaces bring together a broad range of connectivity, sensor data and location information to digitize workflows and operations and support informed decision making.

Our new Blackline Catalyst global partner program provides leading businesses with the opportunity to take advantage of our cloud-connected platform of employee wearables, peripherals, software, data and interfaces.

Whether your technology is the ideal fit within Blackline’s ecosystem, or we can support your go-to-market program using Blackline connected technology, we have a partnership option for you.

Benefits of Blackline Catalyst

Collaborate with Blackline’s product management and development teams to bring unique and compelling connected products and services to market. Blackline Catalyst provides access Blackline’s line of wearables and data, provides the opportunity to improve and digitize your workflows and accelerate your growth. Other benefits include achieving a faster time-to-market through a customized relationship with Blackline. We also offer sales training and enablement as required.

Why partner with Blackline?

Tap into the future of connected to by interfacing with the Blackline Cloud through our software APIs, work directly with our wearables or entrench your current market position by taking advantage of our OEM capabilities.

Time-tested and proven

For over a decade, Blackline’s connected wearables, cloud platform, interfaces and APIs have supported businesses around the world to be safer and more efficient.

We are the proven industrial connectivity hub

Taking advantage of Blackline’s industrial wearables-as-hub platform. Access data in the Blackline Cloud through our safety and data APIs push to your solutions forward.

Opportunity for collaborative selling

Blackline’s technology can enable your programs and teams with connectivity and data

Technology partners

Technology partners enable Blackline solutions with a broad range of capabilities, including sensors, wearables, peripherals and connected products. On the cloud front Blackline partners with providers of data, software services, software infrastructure, connectivity and monitoring services. 


  • Increase your reach
  • Grow your business
  • Generate more value through combined technologies

Solution partners

Solution partners include software developers and businesses that take products to market solutions that incorporate Blackline technology and data. We provide software APIs to developers and work with system integrators, OEMs (white label) and offer data solutions.


  • Training and enablement
  • Exposure
  • Collaborative selling

Blackline Catalyst Ecosystem

The Blackline Cloud is the core for our overall ecosystem that also includes wearables, other connected devices, interfaces, data and services.

Ready to join?

Accelerate your adoption of digital solutions in the connected workplace. Whether you’re interested in becoming a technology or solutions partner, becoming a Blackline Catalyst partner is easy. Begin the application process below.

Participation in the Blackline Catalyst program and / or access to Blackline products and services may require the prospective partner to sign non-disclosure and partnership agreements with Blackline Safety Corp.