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Purchase, Lease, Blend or Rent

Whether your business prefers to use a capital purchase or operational expense budget, we have you covered. G7 wearables and G7 EXO area gas monitoring solutions can be purchased or leased. We also offer a Blend option where we offer gas sensors as part a straightforward service plan with lifetime warranty with ongoing service

Each buying option  includes two years of our System Access service plan that includes cloud storage, automated compliance reporting and over-the-air configuration management. Clients also have the option of adding real-time safety service plans, including Blackline 24/7 Monitoring, two-way emergency voice calling and Push-to-talk.

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Take advantage of your capital purchase budget through a purchase of G7 personal monitors and G7 EXO area gas monitor, plus your choice of gas sensors. Our purchase program includes two years of our System Access service with the option to buy additional years after the initial two-year term. Clients can optionally purchase additional terms of System Access if desired. Our purchase program includes a two-year G7 and sensor warranty.


Record your Blackline lease as an operational expense, without touching your capital purchase budget. Get a low monthly payment, spread over a four year warranty period. Our affordable leasing program features a transparent 10% financing fee in comparison to our purchase program. Clients who opt for our leasing program also benefit from a System Access service plan and warranty (G7 devices and gas sensors) for the full term of the lease.


Our Blend program combines the benefits of our purchase and leasing programs. Pay for the G7 device with your capital purchase budget and lease the gas sensor cartridge from Blackline, providing a lifetime warranty through the service contract. Our Blend program includes a two-year warranty for G7 devices.


To keep crews safe, on schedule and within budget during short or long-term, high-capacity projects, Blackline Safety now offers rental options for our portfolio of G7 connected safety solutions. Daily, weekly and monthly rates as well as same-day shipping or walk-ins are available.


We provide tools that enable employers to improve the outcome for workers who have suffered a safety incident, health issue or physical assault. We don’t prevent incidents but we are there to make the most of difficult and dangerous situations. 
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