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Gas detection as a service

G7 devices deliver never-before-seen gas detection configurability. Plug-and-play Single-Gas, Multi-Gas diffusion and Multi-gas pump cartridges deliver unparalleled flexibility, supported by a broad portfolio of gas sensors. To customize your gas detectors to your work environments, we offer standard and premium sensors — including PID — to accommodate the most complex, hazardous scenarios.



Highest quality gas sensors

We believe that world-class connected gas detection starts by using leading and reliable gas sensor technology. G7 uses only the highest quality, name brand sensors that are trusted by millions of people every day. Whether you're seeking our standard or premium sensors, you can be confident that our sensors are designed to meet the highest standards.

Sensor Portfolio 


Sensor type

Sensor model



 Ammonia (NH3)


Citytech, Sensoric NH3 3E 100 SE

0–100 ppm

0.1 ppm

 High-range ammonia (NH3)


Sensoric NH3 E3 500 SE

0–500 ppm

1 ppm

 Carbon monoxide (CO)


Citytech, 4CF+ CiTiceL

0–500 ppm

1 ppm

 High-range carbon monoxide (CO)


 Citytech 4CM

0–2000 ppm

5 ppm

 Hydrogen resistant carbon monoxide (CO-H)


 Citytech 2CF3

0–500 ppm

1 ppm

 Carbon dioxide (CO2)


Gas Sensing Solutions, MinIR

0–50,000 ppm

50 ppm

 Chlorine (Cl2)


Citytech, Sensoric Cl2 3E 50

0–20 ppm

0.1 ppm

 Chlorine dioxide (ClO2)


Sensoric ClO2 3E 1 O

0-2 ppm

0.01 ppm



Citytech, 4COSH Dual Gas CO/H2S Sensor

0–500 ppm CO, 0–100 ppm H2S

1 ppm CO, 0.1 ppm H2S

 Hydrogen cyanide (HCN)


Sensoric HCN 3E 30 F

0–30 ppm

0.1 ppm

 Hydrogen sulfide (H2S)


City Technology, 4HS+ Hydrogen Sulfide CiTiceL

0–100 ppm

0.1 ppm

 High-range hydrogen sulfide (H2S)


City Technology, 4HS+ Hydrogen Sulfide CiTiceL

0-500 ppm

0.5 ppm

 LEL-infrared (LEL-IR)


MIPEX, 02-X-X-X.1

0–100% LEL

1% LEL

 Oxygen (O2)

Pumped electrochemical

City Technology, 4OxLL Longlife Oxygen CiTiceL

0–25% vol

0.1% vol

 Ozone (O3)


Sensoric O3 3E 1

0-1 ppm

0.01 ppm

 Photoionization (PID)


Ion Science, MiniPID 2

0–6,000 ppm

0.1 ppm (0–100 ppm),

2 ppm (100–6,000 ppm)

 Sulfur dioxide (SO2)


City Technology, 4S Rev. 2 Sulfur Dioxide CiTiceL

0–100 ppm

0.1 ppm

Field-replaceable for maximum uptime and versatility

Reconfiguring and redeploying a G7 detector with new sensors is easy, eliminating down-time and future-proofing your investment. Cartridges are easily and quickly changed out in the field. No matter if you want to equip a G7 wearable with a different gas sensor cartridge, a user encounters a sensor issue or a cartridge gets damaged — our plug-and-play cartridges can be replaced in seconds. Maximize device uptime and minimize maintenance to save your business money.

Lifetime Warranty

With G7, you can be sure your investment is covered. Every G7 comes with lifetime warranty and Blackline offers cartridge replacements as part of every Blackline service plan. Should a sensor fail, we'll send you a new cartridge at no charge. 

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Easy, automatic compliance

With G7’s modular design, sensor maintenance is uniquely simple. Bump tests and calibrations are performed using cal-caps or Blackline’s G7 Dock. All test data is communicated back to Blackline Live from the device — wirelessly and in real-time — for compliance tracking and reporting. With G7, never waste time manually collecting and downloading calibration logs again.

Servicing gas sensors and wasting time on replacing sensors is a thing of the past. When a G7 gas sensor reaches the end of its serviceable life, simply switch the cartridge out for a new one, without taking the device out of service.



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