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G7 has a range of diffusion cartridges that deliver complete customizability with an exclusive modular design to accommodate diverse gas detection and safety monitoring needs. G7's diffusion cartridges can support one to five gas sensors and are equipped with a lifetime warranty. Each cartridge features Blackline's green connectivity light — when the light is on, workers can be assured that they are connected to the Blackline Safety Network and their safety is being monitored. 


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Empowered data analytics

The connectivity behind G7 means that all devices automatically upload gas readings and usage data to the Blackline Safety Network. For the first time ever, businesses can see exactly where and when employees were exposed to gas, what gases they were exposed to and the duration of the exposure. Instead of manually compiling data to get an idea of teams' activities, G7 automates gas exposures and usage and alerts, delivering more data and insights than ever before.

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 Key features

    • If a sensor fails or reaches the end of its serviceable life, swap out the cartridge for a new one in minutes
    • Quickly convert a G7 device from a single-gas to a multi-gas monitor by changing the cartridge
    • G7 sensors and pumps feature a lifetime warranty
    • All cartridges are compatible with G7 Dock for straightforward bump tests and calibrations
    • G7 devices communicate all test data to the Blackline Safety Network, eliminating the need to manually collect data from the field
    • Comprehensive confined space entry and leak check work flows for devices fitted with a pump cartridge
    • Automated mapping of the confined space entries, gas exposures, usage and alerts


Field-replaceable for maximized uptime

Cartridges are easily and quickly changed out in the field. No matter if you want to equip a G7 wearable with a different gas sensor cartridge or a user encounters a sensor issue or a problem with a cartridge — our plug-and-play cartridges can be replaced in seconds. Device uptime is maximized and maintenance time is minimized, ultimately saving businesses money.

Gas detection as a service

Blackline offers cartridge replacements as part of our service plan that covers sensor failures. Our comprehensive service programs include communications, cloud-hosted software, data storage, and access to our Blackline Analytics software. We additionally offer real-time emergency response management, two-way messaging, two-way voice calling (G7c only) and push-to-talk (G7 only) service options.

Simple maintenance

With G7’s modular design, sensor maintenance is uniquely simple. Bump tests and calibrations are performed using cal-caps or Blackline’s G7 Dock in-house, at your facility. All test data is communicated back to Blackline Live from the device — wirelessly and in real-time — for compliance tracking and reporting. With G7, never waste time downloading calibration logs again.

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Servicing gas sensors and wasting money on sensor maintenance is a thing of the past. When a G7 gas sensor reaches the end of its serviceable life, simply switch the cartridge out for a new one on the spot without taking the device out of service.


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