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take command of your fire and hazmat response.


When lives are on the line, Blackline should be by your side.

Because wherever there’s a need for safety, we’re there.

Unfortunately, chemical spills, explosive incidents, and a variety of other life-threatening situations are a part of life. But that doesn’t mean they have to end life. Blackline is here to provide an industry-leading, comprehensive safety solution to any and every imaginable emergency response situation.

G& EXO Fire and Hazmat area monitor

With the G7 EXO, Fire and Hazmat crews can focus on the situation, not the equipment.

When it’s a matter of life and death, you need speed and visibility.

When getting a command center with area monitoring up and running fast is critical, when connectivity is vital and when maximum visibility into the scenario and all team members is paramount, G7 EXO is unmatched. Its capabilities are second to none, its durability is proven and its place among hazmat teams and first responders is unquestionable.

Preparation is more than key. It’s vital.

Response teams need to focus on the task at hand rather than being tasked with an unnecessarily long deployment. With G7 EXO area monitor, deployment is fast and easy.

G7 EXO prepares you before you even get there. Connectivity and pre-calibrated gas sensor cartridges can be changed en route, saving valuable time. And with 20 types of sensors available, every incident response team is ready for every situation. Teams can even breathe a little easier knowing G7 EXO protects them with a poison immune broad-spectrum LEL MPS sensor that also has H2 and acetylene detection.

With over 100+ days of battery life in standard diffusion mode, G7 EXO far outlasts any incident. With a rugged, tested and proven design, G7 EXO can handle anything thrown its way, from the harshest weather to the most violent event.

G7 EXO is on your side even when time isn’t.

When your incident response team gets to the scene, it’s time to save lives, not fumble with equipment.

While competitors can take up to 45 minutes to get connected, up and running, G7 EXO is set up, connected and doing its job in only three minutes.

G7 EXO at a glance

Trustworthy protection - Poison-immune combustible gas monitoring with broad spectrum LEL detection

Command on demand - Position your command center wherever needed knowing it’s always connected

Efficient execution - Connect in minutes wherever placed

Built for extremes - Face the toughest and most rugged conditions from any emergency or Mother Nature

Rapid response - Prepare for an incident, as it changes, with swappable gas sensor cartridges

Ready and reliable - Outlast every incident with 100+ days of battery life

Direct-to-Cloud connectivity - Industry-leading cellular and optional satellite connectivity for remote areas, streaming all data directly to the Blackline Safety Cloud

Cost of ownership - G7 EXO’s extra-long battery life eliminates the need to purchase extra monitors, saving tens of thousands of dollars

Immediate awareness - with text and email alerts you are kept fully aware of the current status, and changing situations

No nonsense - Eliminate the need for LEL correct factors, minimizing unnecessary and costly evacuations

Have total command of safety. From anywhere.

Emergency responders are on the scene and it’s time for the command center to take control.

G7 EXO puts you in command wherever you are needed. Oversight visibility of real-time gas readings can occur from anywhere and everywhere, even in remote locations. G7 EXO has integrated cellular connectivity, and with optional satellite connectivity, the command center is never out of touch.

Other products can communicate up to only two miles and need to use a MESH network. This means if there are tall obstruction factors, connectivity is compromised. No matter how remote the location, G7 EXO keeps the entire team connected, streaming live data from both the G7 EXO and G7 wearable gas detectors back to the incident commander.

Visibility. So command can see the bigger picture.

G7 EXO gives all necessary emergency personnel and various state and local authorities real-time visibility. The incident commander only needs to give out access to Blackline Live, a portal that shows the location and gas readings of all deployed G7 EXOs and the safety status of every team member if they are wearing a G7 portable gas detector.

The cloud-hosted portal gives multiple authorities, onsite and offsite, real-time, up-to-the-second information. Commanders can then be free to do what they do best - take control of the situation to ensure the safety of response teams and the people and communities affected by the incident.

Interoperability. A complete suite of solutions to solve any problem.

That’s the idea behind Blackline’s suite of solutions – everything working seamlessly together as a comprehensive safety solution. G7 EXOs work through Blackline Live’s advanced analytics capabilities to keep everyone informed in real-time, constantly connected with each other, and with live monitoring personnel in the EOC, for the ultimate visibility into everything, everywhere.




Gas monitoring and connected safety technology should empower your fire and hazmat response and give you more control and visibility into the situation; however, inefficient technology will only slow your team down. This guide will help you select the best gas monitoring solution so you can take command of your hazmat response.