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the first direct-to-cloud personal gas monitor

Meet G7c — the world’s first direct-to-cloud connected gas detector, now with 4G connectivity. Integrated cellular communications enables G7c to stream bump test, calibration and usage data to the Blackline Cloud, automating your regulatory compliance reporting. Spend less time retrieving data logs from the field and more time taking care of what's important.

The most configurable gas monitor anywhere

We offer one of the broadest gas sensor portfolios around. With G7c, one product supports thousands of gas sensor configuration options. From single-gas up to five-gas diffusion, and with up to a five-gas pump option, Blackline has your detection needs covered. 

EXPLORE G7 Gas Sensors

Configure G7c settings quickly and confidently from the Blackline Cloud. Need to change a new gas set-point? One simple configuration profile change and you've updated the entire fleet.  

Region Common gas sensors Part number
North America H2S, CO, O2 and LEL J-G7C-QHIMO-NA2-2Y
Europe H2S, CO, O2 and LEL J-G7C-QHIMO-EU2-2Y

G7c features a two-year warranty and includes a two year System Access service plan. Blackline offers an extended warranty, extensions to System Access service and the option of real-time services.

service plan options

A global revolution in connectivity

Blackline Safety introduces G7

G7c offers 4G direct-to-cloud connectivity on over 350 mobile networks and throughout over 100 countries around the world. From the moment that G7c is turned on, it maintains its connection to the Blackline Cloud, streaming compliance data for automated reporting. For teams working beyond cellular network coverage in the Americas, Australia and New Zealand, G7x delivers satellite connectivity for true last-mile safety monitoring.

And when you’re ready, G7c and data science work together to help you proactively identify gas leaks, unlock worksite efficiencies and so much more. Our Blackline Vision team is here to help you leverage this data to improve both safety and productivity.

Get More from Your Data

Brochures and datasheets

Region Document
North America G7 series brochure
North America G7c datasheet
Europe G7 series brochure
Europe G7c datasheet

G7c buying options

Clients often prefer to buy gas detection equipment with either a capital or an operational expense budget. We offer flexible purchase and leasing options, plus a hybrid Blend option that features a lifetime warranty on gas sensors with ongoing services.

For organizations with upcoming short or long-term, high-capacity projects, Blackline Safety also offers rental options for our portfolio of G7 connected safety solutions. Daily, weekly and monthly rates as well as same-day shipping or walk-ins are available.


Our purchase program does not require a service plan and includes two years of System Access, delivering over-the-air configuration and firmware updates, automated compliance reporting and our  cloud-hosted user portal with 99.9% uptime. For clients looking to get the most from G7c, our purchase, lease and Blend options each support optional real-time safety and push-to-talk walkie-talkie plans.

GO FURTHER WITH everything detection


In addition to automating regulatory compliance, G7c gives businesses the option of real-time alerting and emergency response management. Should an incident occur — a gas leak, fall, injury or health event, G7c can wirelessly connects an employee with a live monitoring team. 


G7c features a comprehensive set of configurable incident detection and alerts:

  • Gas detected (low-gas, high-gas, TWA, STEL, over limit and under limit)
  • Fall detected
  • No-motion (man-down) detected
  • Missed scheduled check-in (such as once per hour)
  • Patented manually triggered SOS latch

Respond to incidents in real-time

Proactive emergency response management enables businesses to respond to alerts in real-time, managing them through to an efficient resolution. To get more from G7c, we offer two real-time monitoring plan options — self-monitored and Blackline 24/7 monitored, each with the option of two-way voice calling between the G7c user and the monitoring team. 

EXPLORE our real-time service options

Blackline Safety Operations Center

Blackline-Safety-SOC-call-center-agent-left-side-Dominion-BridgeOur in-house Safety Operations Center (SOC) has a TMA Five Diamond Certification and delivers a response time of under 60 seconds 99% of the time throughout North America and other parts of the world. Similarly, in the United Kingdom and Europe, our network of Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) partners provide leading safety monitoring services.

Every alert is managed from receipt through to resolution in the shortest period of time according to your documented emergency response protocol. Our alert management team communicate through two-way messaging to G7c users, or with optional two-way voice calling using G7c's built-in speakerphone.


Connectivity with instant alerting and two-way speakerphone G7c features integrated 4G wireless, complemented by an industrial two-way speakerphone that connects affected workers with live monitoring teams 24/7, even in noisy environments.

Whether your employee pulls the SOS latch or G7c detects gas, our two-way emergency voice calling service connects your worker directly to the live monitoring team.

Customizable gas detector

A single G7c device can be configured thousands of ways to support your gas detection needs. Featuring an exclusive modular design, gas sensor cartridges are plug-and-play, take seconds to change and keep your teams running, should you ever run into a sensor failure.


Configure G7c with one through five different sensors, with both diffusion and pump options. Included with our Blend and lease programs, you benefit from our gas sensor-as-a-service replacement program. With the full duration of your service plan, we provide a lifetime warranty on gas sensors, helping you eliminate surprise maintenance costs.


Easy user interface


Gas readings, upcoming bump tests and calibration reminders, employee check-in requests and text messages are just a few of the features easily accessible through G7c’s brilliant LCD screen. The graphical display is readable in sunlight and backlit for low light conditions. Simple displays and intuitive menus are easily navigable for straightforward use. The integrated SOS latch pull feature connects workers with monitoring personnel instantly, while the latch push button allows for easy check-ins and alert management.

Interface functionality is complemented by constant connectivity — when the G7c’s green SureSafe® light is on, workers can be confident their safety is being monitored. Vivid yellow lights accompanied by sound and vibration signal that G7c has a message for you or is asking if you are OK. Red lights with escalated sound and vibration indicate that assistance is needed or that a yellow alarm has not been responded to.

Safety in the cloud

Seamless, comprehensive safety monitoring is empowered by Blackline Live, the web monitoring portal at the heart of the G7c system. Employee-worn devices can be easily configured for specific work environments. Emergency response protocols and device settings are easily configured in user accounts, and provide monitoring personnel with the information necessary to manage an optimized emergency response.

Blackline live gas detector portal

Upload custom facility maps and floor plans to amplify response capabilities and direct responders directly to the employee’s location within the context of their surroundings. From the onset of an incident through to resolution, Blackline Live provides all the tools necessary to manage a world-class safety monitoring program.


Simple wireless configuration

Wireless connectivity ensures that each G7c gas detector is remotely configurable and that firmware updates are automatic, for consistent and up-to-date operation. Current setup and configurations are shared with employees at every start-up. From detecting gas leaks to monitoring lone workers and evacuating facilities, workers are covered — every safety incident and gas alert is communicated instantly to Blackline for storage and reporting.

Real-time compliance management and reporting

G7c delivers comprehensive gas detection and safety incident coverage for the diverse work environments faced by teams every day. G7c gas detectors wirelessly communicate compliance and usage data for automatic reporting to Blackline Live, alleviating the need for manual data collection in the field. Every gas reading and safety incident is transmitted to live monitoring personnel in real-time. Whether a worker calls for help using their SOS latch, or a gas leak or safety event is detected, employees can rest easy knowing that details of their situation are being communicated to monitoring personnel, and that help is on the way.



We provide tools that enable employers to improve the outcome for workers who have suffered a safety incident, health issue or physical assault. We don’t prevent incidents but we are there to make the most of difficult and dangerous situations. 
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