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UK Landfill Service and Fill Service Operator Uses Data-Driven Approach to Workplace Safety

Leading landfill and waste resource management company, Enovert, uses Blackline Safety data analytics to enhance gas detection and exposure prevention.

Preventing gas exposure and protecting workers

Enovert is one of UKs leading providers of waste management services managing over 2.3 million tones of waste per vear. Their operations include 7 operational landfill sites, 2 composting facilities, and 3 waste transfer stations.

In addition to providing safe and efficient disposal of waste, they also produce renewable energy by extracting gas from landfill sites. Enovert's landfill sites produce methane-rich gas, which is formed as organic material buried in the landfill decomposes. it is then safely extracted and used to generate electricity that is exported to the National Grid. The company needed a solution to keep their workers safe from hazardous gas exposure and provide greater visibility of potential risks across all their sites.

Data collection and analysis is the present and future of the industrial sector. With the data we’re able to collect, track and analyze, we can respond and adapt quickly if there is a risk of gas exposure, and also look back to take steps to mitigate that risk in the future. Data is a driving force in keeping our people safe and supporting our commitment to the environment."
Mark Silvester | CEO - Enovert

Real-time insights help mitigate risk and enhance worker confidence

To protect its workforce from exposure, Enovert has invested in G7c personal gas detectors to ensure workers are notified of any potential hazards. Additionally, the company took a more macro approach to its safety program by drawing upon data collected from Blackline devices in order to enhance its visibility of methane gas hazard levels across its sites.

Using Blackline Live online portal, Enovert has access to real-time and historical data to investigate opportunities and threats on its worksites, helping uncover trends such as where and when gas exposure threats are most present within a certain timeframe. Through this approach, Enovert is able to make continual adjustments to day-to-day operations as well as larger changes to work practices.


Data-driven approach creates a safer, more sustainable future

In addition to worker safety, this data-centric approach to gas detection also supports Enovert’s sustainability goals. In line with the UK’s initiative to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, Enovert uses its gas detector data proactively to track and increase its gas capture rate across all sites. These leading practices ensure operations remain safe and exceed compliance standards. Data collected regularly contributes to Enovert’s sustainability studies and also plays a key role in its reporting to the Environment Agency. As a result of using gas detector-derived data to inform and empower decision-making, Enovert’s landfill sites operate to the highest standards of safety and environmental compliance. These practices ensure the safe and secure disposal of waste and the generation of essential electricity to power 75,000 homes across the UK responsibly

At a Glance

  • Enovert produces renewable energy by extracting gas from landfill sites making potential exposure to methane gas a constant threat to worker safety.
  • Adopting Blackline Safety's G7c wearable devices enable Enovert to protect its workers while helping uncover insights of potential risks across their landfill sites.
  • Data-driven approach enables Enovert's landfill sites to operate to the highest standards of safety and environmental compliance

Million tones of deposited waste to the landfill annually

Homes powered by renewable energy

G7C personal gas detectors

Enovert Case Study - PDF

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