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Marmon/Keystone Uses Personal Monitoring Devices to Protect Workers and Save Lives

When an employee working alone suffered a health incident, Marmon/Keystone’s investment in connected safety tech proved invaluable.

Providing safety and security for lone workers.

Marmon/Keystone is a leading wholesale distributor of tubular products with over 27 warehouses across the US, Canada and Mexico.

Operating for over a century, many things have changed, yet one constant remains—the belief their employees are their most valuable asset. The company’s commitment to employee safety through their investment in extensive training and technology is one of the many reasons it has an average employee tenure of over 15 years.

As part of their comprehensive safety program, Marmon/Keystone was seeking a personal monitoring solution to ensure the safety and security of their warehouse workers. These workers often work alone for extended periods and can be exposed to potential hazards. The company needed a robust and responsive solution to provide employees with an additional layer of protection in case of an emergency.

If we didn’t have the Blackline device and the AED, I don’t think [our employee] would be alive today. This goes to show the importance of having both lone worker devices and AEDs in place.”
Amy Cottrell | Human Resources Manager, Marmon/Keystone

Always connected. Always protected.

Marmon/Keystone evaluated several personal monitoring solutions before selecting Blackline Safety to equip their lone workers with G7 wearable devices. G7 checked all their boxes including no-motion and fall detection, two-way voice communication, SOS alerts, and 24/7 monitoring by Blackline’s in-house Safety Operations Center (SOC). Agents are professionally trained in emergency response management and can send help to a location quickly. The integrated cellular and cloud connectivity of the G7s to link their workers to a live monitoring center sealed the deal and gave them and their workers assurance their safety was always priority one.

Successfully put to the test.

G7c proved to be invaluable for Marmon/Keystone when one of their workers suffered a cardiac arrest while working alone in a saw house. The health incident caused him to fall and strike his head, triggering G7c’s automated fall alert.

Blackline’s SOC received a fall detected and SOS alert from the worker’s device. Seconds later, the organization’s Operations Manager received a text message informing her of the potential incident. While the manager quickly headed to the worker’s location, Blackline’s SOC agent called the worker’s G7c personal monitor with built-in speakerphone but did not receive a response.

The Operations Manager arrived at the worker’s location and found him unconscious. She asked a delivery driver, who had just arrived, to fetch the automated external defibrillator (AED). Moments later, Blackline’s SOC agent placed a second call to the Manager’s mobile phone who answered, frantically requesting emergency assistance before the call disconnected.

The Manager began performing CPR on the injured worker using the AED while Blackline’s SOC agent immediately dispatched local police and emergency services to the worker’s location. In short order, Blackline received an update that emergency services had arrived and were providing treatment to the unconscious worker. Soon thereafter, he was taken to hospital, later released and has since fully recovered.

Blackline’s Safety’s SOC agents are highly trained to respond to incidents in seconds. In situations such as this one, a matter of minutes can make a difference and improve an incident’s outcome.

At a Glance

  • Marmon/Keystone needed a personal monitoring solution to protect their lone workers.
  • G7c proves to be invaluable when device triggers fall alert after lone worker suffers cardiac arrest, falls and strikes his head.
  • Quick response from Blackline’s SOC and Operations Manager enabled critical medical attention to be delivered, saving the employee’s life.

Marmon/Keystone Case Study - PDF

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