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Northern Ireland Water Selects Blackline Safety’s G7 to Stay Connected in Real-Time


Delays retrieving vital safety data and gaps in connectivity

Northern Ireland Water (NI Water) is the sole provider of water and sewage services in Northern Ireland. Almost 1.8 million people across the country count on them to supply 605 million litres of clean water and treat 362 million litres of wastewater daily.

Over 1,500 staff—approximately 500 of whom are frontline workers—operate and maintain thousands of assets and supply production, mechanical and electrical services, as well as metering and billing.

While NI Water had a variety of portable gas monitors in their fleet to detect the presence of hazardous gases, their existing devices did not supply real-time gas readings, had no connectivity, and no built-in two-way communication capabilities.

As an organisation that has always prided itself on being at the forefront of safety and innovation across its extensive operations, NI Water sought out a more progressive—and scalable–solution.

The real-time gas readings enabled by direct-to-cloud data streaming while G7s were in use were a key feature for NI Water. With their earlier solution, NI Water had to wait until their devices were being calibrated to get a data dump.

With G7, HSE personnel have an insight into each user’s gas readings, helping them to identify and mitigate gas risks a lot more effectively.”

JJ O’Brien | Director, OBW Technologies

Connectivity drives real-time visibility

OBW Technologies, the leading national provider of portable and fixed gas detection instruments and solutions in Ireland, participated in a public tender for the procurement of portable gas safety devices for NI Water. OBW recognises the safety challenges faced daily by workers in the water and wastewater industry and recommended Blackline Safety’s G7c wearable cloud-connected multi-gas monitors with integrated cellular connectivity and location technology, including indoor location compatibility.

NI Water also had difficulty maintaining a reliable phone signal across the organisation due to work locations around water tanks, reinforced steel or underground. G7’s reliable cellular connectivity and its indoor location-compatible feature helped circumvent this issue. NI Water purchased over 700 G7c devices.


Safety assured

The green connectivity light on G7 let NI Water team members know they were connected to the Blackline Safety network—even deep underground. They could rest assured they could always be found quickly by team members through Blackline Live.



NI Water’s priority is the safety and wellbeing of its staff. While we operate to high industry safety standards, we are always seeking new technology and innovative solutions to increase safety and eliminate potential risks. 

The real-time visibility—combined with GPS location, messaging and indoor location compatible capabilities—were key features to augment safety across our organisation.” 

Jason Devine | Senior Technical Trainer, Northern Ireland Water

At a Glance

  • Existing gas monitor fleet did not deliver real-time data and had insufficient connectivity, limiting NI Water’s ability to understand gas exposure hazards or communicate with their workers in real-time.
  • NI Water needed a solution that offered instant visibility of their workers’ safety status and location and a reliable way to connect with them.
  • Adoption of Blackline Safety’s G7c wearables gave NI Water the connectivity and real-time information to keep their fleet compliant while eliminating the need for manual data collection.


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