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G6 Dock

The Simple, Smart Solution to Charging, Calibrating and More.

Blackline Safety’s G6 Dock is the simple solution to easily calibrate, bump test and charge your G6 wearable single-gas detector. 

G6 Dock works straight out of the box — simply plug it in to a power supply and a gas cylinder and it's ready to use. Docks leverage the connectivity of the inserted G6 wearable to communicate device test data to the cloud for automated compliance tracking and reporting. No ethernet connection required. 

Easy to use, ready to perform 

Unlike the complicated functions of other docking systems, G6 Dock is simple to use and ready right out of the box — just plug it in to get started. Performing bump tests and calibrations are easy, simply insert G6 wearable device into the dock, and any necessary calibrations or bump tests are initiated and completed automatically. 

Direct-to-cloud, direct to you 

Bump test, calibration and device usage data is automatically streamed over the air through the G6 wearable to Blackline Live for automated compliance tracking and reporting. Eliminate the hassle of manually collecting data from docking stations and collating it yourself — G6 Dock handles it effortlessly.

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