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G7 Bridge*

G7 Bridge — reliable remote connectivity

To address the challenges of poor connectivity and spotty communications for teams working in remote locations outside of cellular coverage, G7 Bridge* is a portable base station that provides the critical satellite uplink for G7x standard (lone worker), single-gas, multi-gas and multi-gas pump devices.

Alongside G7x wearable devices, G7 Bridge helps define a new level of remote worker safety monitoring technology. With seamless satellite connectivity, it delivers a trustworthy connection to help, whenever and wherever it’s needed.

*G7 Bridge is only available in North America, Australia, New Zealand, and South America (excluding Brazil)

Direct-to-cloud, last-mile confidence

Should something happen, never again worry that your remote lone workers will be left without the help they need. The constant satellite connectivity provided by G7 Bridge allows safety monitoring teams, like Blackline’s in-house Safety Operations Center, to manage a world-class emergency response, from onset through to resolution, in even the most distant locations.

By connecting workers to the Blackline Cloud, G7 Bridge facilitates the monitoring of workers’ ongoing wellbeing and whereabouts. Even in the furthest reaches of the globe, they can work confidently knowing someone has their back if trouble should arise.

Built for your world

Connectivity you can trust — no matter where your jobsite is located. Via an integrated, industrial-strength 900 MHz radio link, one G7 Bridge can link up to five G7x units to the Blackline Cloud and monitoring personnel from virtually anywhere in the world.

We know your work and your location can change without notice. Self-powered, robust and portable, bridges can be moved easily from one vehicle to another, such as from a truck to an all-terrain vehicle, or even mounted on a backpack. As long as a line of sight to the sky is maintained, G7 Bridge ensures your workers are always connected, without interrupting their work.

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