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G7 PowerPack

G7 PowerPack – A battery that won’t quit, for work that can’t stop.

For large-scale construction and facility maintenance projects — including shutdowns and turnarounds — it’s critical to keep gas monitoring equipment running continuously. G7 PowerPack is an external, rechargeable battery accessory that clips to the back of any Blackline G7 wearable device. Adding a charged PowerPack doubles the battery life of G7, under standard usage conditions, and makes it easy to maintain constant, reliable operation.

Trustworthy operation, around the clock

G7 wearables have a standard battery life of 18 hours continuous operation at 20°C (68°F) using standard LEL, H2S, CO and O2 sensors. This means that under normal conditions, attaching G7 PowerPack into the charge port of G7, you double its life so your team is protected non-stop for up to 36 hours. 

Some gas sensors, such as a PID and the optional G7 pump cartridge draw more battery power than normal, leading to a shorter daily battery life for your G7. Hot-swappable even in intrinsically safe environments, G7 PowerPack extends G7’s battery life with high-draw accessories installed — you can even swap a depleted PowerPack for a charged one when required.

Uncompromised safety in any circumstance, every time

G7 personal safety wearables protect teams who face risks of gas exposure, trips and falls, injuries and the potential for a health event due to heat exhaustion or an unexpected condition. Ensuring that G7 monitoring equipment is able to operate continuously, around the clock, PowerPack provides the convenience to keep teams safely moving forward during extended work hours.

Designed for shutdowns and turnarounds, designed for success

Large-scale maintenance projects and shutdowns rely on the coordinated efforts of hundreds and sometimes thousands of on-site personnel. During such projects, it’s critical to support every task with reliable gas detection.

G7 PowerPack makes it easy to share a fleet of G7 gas monitors across multiple shifts, ensuring everyone is safe while keeping their focus on the work at hand. During shift-change, PowerPacks can be removed from G7 devices and placed onto our charge banks to recharge. Fully charged PowerPacks can then be clipped onto the G7 units and issued to new personnel on the next shift.

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