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Respond with precision

Inside or around certain buildings or pieces of equipment, GPS signals can be degraded, leading to imprecise reported locations that are insufficient to locate employees during an emergency response. In such circumstances, every second counts and time wasted searching for someone could mean the difference between rescue and recovery.

Blackline Safety addresses this challenge with Location Beacons — augmenting location transmissions where GPS alone may not be sufficient. Installed inside and around facilities, the beacon transmits location signals for proximity detection with a Blackline Safety monitoring device.


Key benefits

  • Intrinsically safe
  • Compatible with G7 EXO area monitors, G7 gas detectors (single-, multi- and multi-gas pump) and G7 lone worker solutions
  • Integrated within your existing Blackline Live portal
  • Work with optional floor and site maps to deliver highly-contextual location reporting

Simple, scalable location support

Beacons can be installed wherever your employees work, from one per floor to one per room depending on facility size and operations. Location Beacons augment location transmissions where GPS alone may not be sufficient. Installed inside and around facilities, beacons transmit location signals for proximity detection with a Blackline personal gas detection or lone worker safety device.

Combined with custom floor plans, Blackline’s Location Beacons allow for precise reports of an employee’s location in the Blackline Live safety monitoring portal. The end result is the fastest possible emergency response to your employee’s exact location.

Each beacon broadcasts a unique identity number that is received by your Blackline device. Devices then report the identity of the nearest beacon within range back to Blackline Live, where it uses that associated location information to improve the accuracy of the device user’s reported location.

Custom floor plans and site maps

Floor plans greatly enhance indoor location visibility, maximizing your team’s capability to respond without delays. Floor plans are added to your Blackline Live account, with employee locations displayed on top of the floor plan on the live map. While optional, they increase the effectiveness of location beacons. They provide an important visual layer in your Blackline Live portal that can greatly improve response times — helping responders determine entry and exit points plus ideal routes through the space.

Similarly, site plans are a great way to increase the level of detail for your entire property. There may be key features that are not included within the standard Blackline Live map view, such as muster points, roadways and other details. With the help of site plans, custom maps or digital images of your property can be overlaid to ensure that you have the appropriate level of detail to efficiently manage emergency responses.

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