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Trade in devices and save

Turn the devices you have into the ones you want

*Not available in Europe/UK

Through Blackline's Refresh Program, you can upgrade your aging gas detection fleet from other manufacturers with Blackline solutions. Trade in any competitive brand of single-gas or multi-gas detectors and we'll apply a rebate towards the purchase of new Blackline devices.

  • Easy and cost effective way to upgrade aging devices from other manufacturers
  • Eco-friendly recycling of old materials
  • Rebate towards your new Blackline purchase

75% of North American environment, health and safety (EHS) managers see significant value in gas detectors with expanded features. 

Priority Metrics Group, 2022


Blackline Refresh Program

Unit Blackline G7 Device Rebate ($USD)
Competitive brand single-gas detector G7c or G7x single-gas detector $20
G7c or G7x multi-gas detector $30
G7c or G7x multi-gas pump detector  $45
Competitive brand multi-gas detector G7c or G7x multi-gas detector $65
G7c or G7x multi-gas pump detector $90


*Not available in Europe/UK


Blackline Analytics Essentials deliver a complete view of your fleet's operations. Easily identify how equipment is being used, where hazards are being encountered and even determine which devices are performing well and which can be leveraged better.

The gas detector trade-in refresh process:



Work with our team to determine which Blackline personal gas detector best suits your needs.


Trade-in your existing competitive brand gas detectors of and receive a rebate for each eligible Blackline device on your order.


Receive your new Blackline devices and equip your team with the most advanced connected gas detectors available.

Get Started Today.

How does the program work?

For any eligible portable gas detectors you have, either send proof of local disposal or ship them to us to verify numbers and recycle appropriately. Once you place an order through one of our Sales Managers for comparable devices, we’ll apply the rebate to your Purchase Order. Submit the form above or Contact Us to get the process started!

Do I need to buy the Blackline devices outright?

No! You will have the option to either buy or lease your new gas detectors. 

What will happen to my old devices?

You can either send proof of local disposal for the gas detectors you wish to trade-in or ship them to us where we will verify the numbers and eligibility and then recycle them appropriately. 

How many devices can I trade in?

You can trade-in as many gas detectors as you like and receive the eligible rebate when purchasing a comparable Blackline connected gas detector. 

How long does the process take?

Once we receive your old gas detectors and a purchase order for your new Blackline gas detectors, we will verify the numbers and apply the rebate within 2-3 business days. Devices will be shipped following our standard process after that (times may vary). 

What is Blackline Safety’s stock/ticker symbol?

A list of upcoming dates, including earnings release dates and quarter start/end is available here.