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Blackline Safety G7c named New Product of the Year by OH&S Magazine

Jaime Seaman September 07, 2017

Industry expert judging panel recognized G7c as the leading ‘Internet of Things’ safety solution


Calgary, AB — Blackline Safety Corp. (TSX VENTURE: BLN, "Blackline") has received its fourth New Product of the Year Award from OH&S Magazine — the all-new G7c wireless gas detector and lone worker monitoring device won in the category of ‘Internet of Things.’

“It’s a testament to the manufacturers in this industry who are constantly working to develop more comfortable, more protective, more robust new products for their customers as they compete in this fast-growing global market,” said OH&S Editor, Jerry Laws. “Informing our readers and online audience about the best new products available to solve their safety and health challenges has always been at the heart of our magazine’s mission, from 1932 up to today, and this contest is an essential extension of our outreach to the industry. Readers will see all of the winners featured in our December 2017 issue.”

“Of all emerging Internet of Things safety devices, Blackline’s new G7c was chosen as the best solution to connect employees with their business,” said Sean Stinson, VP Sales and Product Management. “By sharing a comprehensive view of everyone’s safety, all personnel can work confidently, knowing they are connected to a live monitoring team. Should an incident occur — an injury, health event or gas leak — G7c instantly notifies monitoring personnel, allowing them to speak directly with the worker using G7c’s built-in speakerphone. Nearby co-workers can be immediately dispatched, responding to a downed employee in the shortest possible timeframe.”

G7c is the world’s first wireless gas detector and lone worker safety monitor with 3G communications and a two-way speakerphone. It detects falls, calls for help during a man-down (motionless) scenario and is supported by Blackline Live, a world-leading cloud-hosted software portal designed specifically for safety monitoring. Every G7c-triggered alert is managed in real-time from receipt through to resolution by live monitoring personnel. Businesses can, for the first time ever, account for every second of their emergency response time, to make a difference.

G7c is completely self-contained and works right out of the box. There are no Wi-Fi networks to worry about, no software or infrastructure to install and no support needed from IT teams. To ensure that every G7c is correctly configured, Blackline Live profiles automatically set each device up wirelessly, maximizing equipment uptime. All alert settings are stored within online alert profiles and a documented emergency response protocol helps the live monitoring team ensure that every alert is managed through to resolution according to company requirements.

G7c is supported by a family of plug-and-play cartridges that expand its capability for lone worker monitoring and gas detection scenarios (single-gas and multi-gas options). For wireless gas detection applications, customers have the choice of gas sensors including H2S (hydrogen sulfide), O2 (oxygen), CO (carbon monoxide), LEL (lower explosive limit of combustible gases), Cl2 (chlorine), NH3 (ammonia) and SO2 (sulfur dioxide). Industry requires that each sensor be periodically calibrated and regularly tested to ensure correct operation before use. An optional G7 Dock helps businesses streamline gas calibration and testing with an affordable and compact testing station. G7c communicates every gas calibration and bump test wirelessly to the Blackline Safety Network for real-time compliance reporting.

G7c is globally certified intrinsically safe with wireless coverage in over 100 countries. To learn more about Blackline's employee safety monitoring solutions, visit www.BlacklineSafety.com and follow Blackline on Twitter @blacklinesafety.

About Blackline Safety: Blackline Safety is a global connected safety technology leader. Providing comprehensive live-monitoring and wireless gas detection, we help teams working in hazardous environments respond to emergencies in real-time and manage efficient evacuations, accounting for everyone’s safety along the way. With millions invested in technology research and development, Blackline Safety is recognized for quality and innovation. Our talented team of designers and engineers create and manufacture everything in-house — from wearable technology and personal gas detectors to cloud-hosted infrastructure and web-based interfaces for global industry. We deliver the world’s first turn-key, work-anywhere connected safety monitoring solution with gas detection, 3G wireless, satellite communications, two-way speakerphone, employee messaging and live monitoring to meet the demanding safety challenges of organizations in over 200 countries. For more information, visit www.BlacklineSafety.com.

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