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Blackline Safety Wins OH&S 2022 New Product of the Year Award

Blackline Safety Leader in Connected Gas Detection & Lone Worker Safety August 17, 2022

ohs-award-2022-blackline-vlahiIndependent judging panel recognizes Blackline’s innovation in Emergency Response category

Calgary, Canada — Blackline Safety Corp. (TSX: BLN), a global leader of gas detection and cloud-connected safety solutions, was honored by Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) Magazine with a New Product of the Year award for its partnership with Vlahi to provide real-time, sensor-driven plume modeling. This recognition marks a total of 13 OH&S New Product of the Year awards honoring Blackline products over the last nine years.

The world is entering into the new phase of the pandemic, one where supply chain shortages and economic challenges threaten innovation. However, it appears these hurdles are not changing the way the safety industry continues to show up with new products and solutions that keep employees safe,” Occupational Health & Safety editor Sydny Shepard said. “Each year, the New Product of the Year award program shines a light on the future of the industry, and after seeing the winners of this year’s contest, it’s easy to say that the future is a bright one indeed."

Blackline’s product partnership with Vlahi Systems was named the winner in the Emergency Response category. Through the partnership, Vlahi offers real-time, location-enabled data from Blackline’s G7 EXO portable area gas monitors in Vlahi’s web- and smartphone-based CERES plume modelling software. The solution is ideal for managing scenarios related to chemical release and gas clouds that can harm personnel and surrounding communities, or trigger fires or explosions.

"To be recognized once again by OH&S Magazine’s panel of independent judges is an honor,” said Brendon Cook, Chief Partnerships Officer and Co-Founder of Blackline. “Our partnership with Vlahi is a great example of how our connected safety solutions can help our clients better manage their response to the unexpected release of chemicals and gas."

When unanticipated chemical releases occur, full situational awareness is critical to an effective emergency response. Responders must quickly assess what type of release it is, its point of origin and flow rate, whether people are in the vicinity, and the impact of factors like wind speed and direction. What’s happening on the ground is equally as important as what could happen next. To ensure emergency responders have timely and accurate information at their fingertips, Blackline partnered with Vlahi Systems to provide real-time, sensor-driven plume dispersion modeling.

In September 2021, Blackline announced its partnership with Vlahi Systems, provider of cloud-hosted, sensor driven gas plume dispersion modelling software. Using G7 EXO gas readings, CERES can automate and deliver the most accurate, up-to-date mapping of a gas plume, based on real-world conditions, to assist emergency personnel in their response. Gas readings from Blackline Safety connected wearables and area monitors inform Vlahi’s proprietary and government-endorsed CERES software immediately, enabling CERES to estimate the downwind concentration of a released gas to precisely predict its size, speed and spread.


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