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Blackline's connected tech revolutionizes global safety markets with gas detection

Monica Sikora November 29, 2016

Like a power tool with attachments, the new G7 is a modular safety communicator with 'everything detection' and 24/7 live monitoring

20161128-Black-Safety-800-700x537CALGARY, ALBERTA- After incorporating customer feedback into nearly two years of product development, Blackline Safety (TSX VENTURE:BLN) is the first company in the world to introduce a work-anywhere, global employee safety monitoring system with total detection capability.

"Traditional gas detectors are 'disconnected' and only alert the worker of imminent danger," says Mr. Barry Moore, VP Product Development for Blackline Safety. "Businesses historically relied on workers to rescue themselves. Now, with G7, a team of responders is alerted in real-time to the employee's exact location. Knowing the concentration of hazardous gases around the individual, responders are protected while they rescue the employee from danger."

Highly configurable for every organization, G7 warns both the user and live monitoring personnel of environmental exposure risks to both toxic and explosive gases. G7 is a true 'Internet of Things' tool, with wireless communications and location technology, to empower real-time emergency response and evacuation management.

"Blackline Safety is looking at the whole environment - hazards, gas concentrations, the exact location of a man down, and you can talk to him on the G7 speakerphone," says Eric Clark, a member of the Area Safety Chairmen Committee for Ashland in Kentucky. "It saves a lot of time - the quicker you can get to that person in a dangerous situation the better chance they have of surviving."

G7 is the first device anywhere that works right out of the box to:

  • Automatically detect when someone is not moving, either from a fall, accident or health incident so that help can be immediately deployed to the employee
  • Empower evacuations with mass notifications while accounting for the location of every employee through to muster points
  • Support customization using interchangeable gas sensor cartridges with a choice of single or multiple gases (hydrogen sulfide, oxygen, combustible gases, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and ammonia)

"If my husband had the emergency communication system from Blackline Safety when he experienced a massive stroke while on assignment in a foreign country, the outcome would have allowed for immediate medical intervention and could have prevented life-long disabilities," says Fran Majcher, caregiver and wife of Mark Majcher from Melbourne, Florida.

Optional two-way voice communication enables monitoring personnel to speak directly with the employee through a built-in, industrial-grade speakerphone. G7 uses a combination of assisted-GPS and proprietary indoor location technology to display a fallen or injured employee's exact location on an interactive map, enabling monitoring personnel to direct the nearest responders to the right location.

Blackline's safety monitoring portfolio empowers organizations in global industries with real-time safety incident awareness, delivering help within minutes. To learn more about Blackline's work-alone safety monitoring solutions, visit www.BlacklineSafety.com and follow Blackline on Twitter @blacklinesafety.