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Are Health and Safety Programs Linked to Market Performance?

Blackline Safety Leader in Connected Gas Detection & Lone Worker Safety January 20, 2016

The Canadian Occupational Safety magazine (COS-MAG) recently published a study linking market performance to strong health and safety programs.

2018-11-16-Deloitte-award-main-imageThe article indicates "a study using investment simulations for 17 publicly held multinational companies with strong employee health or safety programs suggests employers that invest significantly in health and safety programming can outperform other companies in the marketplace."

And the results just might surprise you.

According to the study “the results provide evidence that the stock appreciation of companies that are recognized for excellence in health and wellness, safety or both, out-performs that of other companies that have not been so recognized,” the authors wrote, adding that the results are “consistent with — and augment — the growing body of work that is associating excellence in health, wellness and safety with superior financial performance in the marketplace.”

Check out the article here (EDIT: article has been removed by publication) to discover how the authors concluded that companies that score high in CHAA health and/or safety categories are associated with superior marketplace performance.


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