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Blackline Safety Takes a Big Step Closer to Carbon-Neutrality

Blackline Safety Leader in Connected Gas Detection & Lone Worker Safety June 07, 2023

Blackline Safety announces the results of our first-ever Carbon Footprint report, commissioned to track both direct and indirect carbon emissions as part of the company’s journey towards becoming net zero. 

Blackline Safety ESG Carbon Neutral In line with our annual Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reporting, we aim to achieve net zero emissions by 2030, emphasizing our commitment to reducing environmental impacts, community, and overall sustainability.

Blackline Safety Europe Ltd (based in Colchester) and Blackline Safety Europe SAS (located in France) are working with consultants from Auditel on reporting our carbon emissions through a full carbon footprint journey and subsequent emissions reduction plan for each site. We are now well-positioned to officially verify our carbon-neutral status next year.

The carbon footprint of Blackline Safety Europe is calculated in line with the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol emission scopes which include:  

  • Direct emissions from combustion of gas and other fuels.  
  • Emissions resulting from the generation of electricity and other energy purchased (but generated elsewhere). 
  • Emissions made by third parties in connection with operational activities. 

esg-report-carbon-neutralCreating a carbon footprint is the first step towards developing a carbon reduction strategy, as it identifies the activities with the most significant impact and informs targeted efforts.

During this period, Blackline Safety Europe had a total of 208.29 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent in greenhouse gas emissions. This equates to a respectable 0.02 tonnes per square foot and 3.25 tonnes per employee. More than half of this was attributed to business travel activities, with a further 28% due to employee commuting and remote work. 

Natalie Hays, QHSE & Compliance Manager in the UK and the EU: 

 “Across the organization, Blackline’s sustainability goals support the responsible growth of our business to benefit shareholders, stakeholders and society as a whole. Following our successful carbon footprinting audit with Auditel, across our offices in Colchester UK and Fresnes-lès-Montauban in France, we plan to verify our carbon-neutral status at the end of our 2023 fiscal year by applying for the International PAS2060:2014 verification accreditation.  

We’re proud to have come this far so quickly and remain committed to continual improvement in bringing our Greenhouse Gas emissions down. The need to tackle climate change is being increasingly recognized by businesses, government, and the general population through initiatives such as the Paris Climate Agreement, which aims to limit the global temperature increase to well below 2oC this century.  

Blackline Safety aims to do our part, starting with the PAS2060 verification for our 2023 carbon footprint, which will cement our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint year on year. We will take a more rigorous look at business travel as well as Gold Standard carbon offsets to fund worthwhile carbon-reducing projects around the world.” 

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