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Blackline Safety Wins Prestigious Red Dot Award for Design Excellence

Barry MooreRetired - VP, Product Development June 29, 2023

g6-red-dot-gala-barryAs the retired head of Industrial Design for Blackline, it was a true honor to attend Red Dot’s Awards Gala last week in Essen, Germany. The Red Dot Awards are a globally recognized symbol of product design excellence, celebrating innovation and creativity across various industries.

On behalf of Blackline, I proudly accepted the award for innovative design for G6 – a product that Blackline collaborated with Advanta Design on for many months. 

To see Blackline celebrated alongside iconic brands like Ferrari, Porsche, Logitech, Sony, and Epson was a thrill. And the event itself was brimming with red-carpet prestige including a performance by members of the Essen Ballet and a musical piece performed on a Red Dot Award-winning marimba. 

G6 – Setting A New Standard in Single-Gas Detection  

g6-red-dot-gala-device2Unveiled in late 2022, G6 is a fully connected and intuitive connected single-gas detector that leverages instant cloud connectivity and integrated location technology to help organizations quickly respond to incidents.  

By harnessing data insights and visualizations, G6 helps organizations get ahead of possible safety risks, easily monitor alarm rates and ensure compliance. With a remarkable battery life of one-year, G6 offers lower total cost of ownership and fewer false alarms, ultimately giving safety professionals access to the trusted data they need to better manage their safety protocols, processes and ongoing compliance more efficiently.

Continuing a Legacy of Design Excellence  

In 2017, Blackline received a Red Dot Award for the G7 wearable, further solidifying our commitment to outstanding design and innovation. These achievements underscore Blackline’s dedication to providing cutting-edge safety solutions that prioritize user experience and functionality.  

Celebrating Design Achievement 

Congratulations to all the individuals involved in the collaborative design of the G6 technology. This achievement would not have been possible without people’s dedication and expertise. And thanks again to Blackline for this superb experience! Check out G6 in the 2023 Winners section on Red Dot’s website.  

Here’s a glimpse into the Red Dot Awards Gala: 






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