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Personal Gas Detection Meets the Wireless ‘Internet of Things’

Brendon Cook February 03, 2017

Safety+Health Magazine Presenting Blackline Safety Webinar on Feb 8

Register today for our free webinar on February 8 at 1:00 pm Eastern (12:00 pm Central / 11:00 pm Mountain / 10:00 am Pacific). Blackline's Sean Stinson and Kirk Johnson will be speaking about how a technology revolution is underway in the personal gas detection industry.


NSC Safety and Health Magazine hosts Wireless Personal Gas Detection Webinar

Webinar Overview

Conventional personal gas detection is disconnected and can do little more than call for help, hoping that someone is nearby to provide assistance. When an employee’s life may be on the line, technology can help businesses do more by responding in real-time. Wireless personal gas detection has begun to emerge. However, most solutions have missed the mark through over-complexity, tech and feature limitations, multiple vendor involvement and cost.

Join Blackline Safety for a discussion about the future of personal gas detection and how connected safety technology may help you improve your safety program. Learn about:

  • Achieving a state-of-the-art, complete and responsive employee monitoring program
  • New approaches to gas sensor replacement to maximize ROI
  • Ensuring team connectivity, no matter where they work — in plants or last-mile locations
  • Gaining a live view of compliance — equipment use and calibration
  • Proactively correcting out-of-compliance systems
  • Achieving real-time emergency response times measured in seconds
  • Initiating evacuations and actively accounting for every employee through to muster points
  • Mass notifying employees of new hazards on the jobsite
  • Monitoring lone workers who are among the more vulnerable roles
  • Improving worker productivity through connectivity

Personal Gas Detection Presenters:

Sean Stinson, Blackline Safety VP Sales and Product Management, expert in personal gas detectionSean Stinson, VP Sales & Product Management, Blackline Safety

Sean Stinson has more than 10 years of experience in the safety tech industry and is responsible for the market success of every Blackline Safety solution. Prior to working at Blackline, Sean occupied the roles of project manager and systems and software engineering at BW Technologies. He later took on the role of product marketing manager at Honeywell Analytics. Sean is an electrical engineer with a BSc from the University of Calgary.

Kirk Johnson, Blackline Safety Product Manager, expert in personal gas detectionKirk Johnson, Product Manager, Blackline Safety

Kirk Johnson recently joined Blackline Safety, having worked in the tech industry for nearly 12 years and 5 years in safety. At Blackline Safety, he manages the product development roadmap to ensure delivery of industry-leading safety monitoring solutions. Prior to joining Blackline Safety, Kirk was a lead hardware designer for new product development at Honeywell Analytics. Kirk has a BSc in electrical engineering from the University of Calgary, with a minor in computer engineering.

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