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Safety+Health Magazine Interview with our CTO

Blackline Safety Leader in Connected Gas Detection & Lone Worker Safety April 27, 2016


In Safety+Health Magazine's recent article, our CTO Brendon Cook was interviewed for their "Trends in... Instruments and Monitors" feature. Ease-of-use is a clear requirement for lone worker safety technology.

Here's a snippet from the article:

"Brendon Cook, CTO for Calgary, Alberta-based Blackline Safety, pointed to a potential issue with automatic detection in lone worker monitoring solutions – it could lead to false alarms."

Brendon told Health+Safety Magazine “For example, if the monitor is turned on and left in a truck, no-motion (man down) detection will trigger after a couple of minutes,” he said. “This topic is mitigated by the device first calling out to the employee with an audible and visual alarm – pressing a check-in button averts a false alarm.”

Brendon also indicated "that monthly reporting can help workplaces optimize employee compliance to ensure correct and consistent use of the device when working alone."

You may recall, in our last few posts we have explored the benefits of our automated technology for lone worker monitoring. From our automated check-in technology, and man down / no-motion detection technology to True Fall Detection® technology and SureSafe™ and LiveResponse™ technology, our suite of Loner® work-alone devices have your teams covered.

Check out the full story in Safety+Health Magazine now.

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