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Combustible Gas and its Detection

Learn about the first innovation in combustible gas sensors for decades, the MPS sensor, and how it provides ultimate protection for your employees.


G7 introduction — more than wireless gas detection

Connected safety means that every employee is equipped with total monitoring technology, including wireless gas detection.

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Lone Worker Safety and Workplace Stress

Do you monitor the safety of your work-alone employees to reduce stress and save lives?

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Every Second Counts

Should a gas leak, health event, safety incident or security breach occur, Blackline’s connected safety technology means we’ll always have your back.

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Encina Wastewater Authority Takes Employee Safety to Tech Level

Learn how a water treatment facility in Carlsbad, CA upgraded from their outdated and ineffective manual call-in process.

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Fatalities in the Workplace

We can do better Find out how regions around the world rank for workplace deaths and how lone worker monitoring technology can reduce those rates. View Infographic

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Lone Worker Safety — The Profitable Thing To Do

How much is an employee’s life worth to your organization? Find out how your organization can reduce costs, save money and learn more about the ROI from investing in lone worker safety monitoring solutions. View Infographic

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