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7 Leading Companies Unlock Insights with Safety Data

Blackline Safety Leader in Connected Gas Detection & Lone Worker Safety July 17, 2023

Latest whitepaper highlights how Blackline Safety's gas detector and lone worker device data is keeping workers safer and worksites more efficient

Blackline Safety's latest whitepaper is out and it explores how seven organizations prioritizing safety are unlocking insights and identifying patterns with data in order to better protect their people and optimize their operations. 


“Increasingly we are seeing our customers leverage the automated reports from Blackline Analytics to understand compliance, usage and alerts,” said Phil Benson, Blackline Safety Vice President, Product Design & Data Analytics. “Or they’re going even further with customized analytics and interactive dashboards through our Blackline Vision data experts to understand larger trends or zone in on particular issues.”

The whitepaper, Data-Driven Safety: Protect People and Improve Efficiency, digs deep into how companies are turning to the analytics generated from their connected lone worker and gas detection devices to get a clearer picture of workplace risks and roadblocks, and identify ways to improve.

You’ll learn how analytics helped:

  • A contractor determine the optimal times for supervisor check-ins to reduce incidents.
  • A US fire department quantify gas exposures to ensure first responders got the proper medical treatment post-incident.
  • A North American energy company prioritize the biggest threats and riskiest behavior at its worksites to inform training.
  • A refinery contractor identify time spent outside defined work areas leading to workflow changes that helped eliminate 1,000 person-hours of lost time.

And in today's competitive business environment—where companies are under the microscope to do more with less, respond faster and perform better—there is no greater way to meet these demands than by leveraging worksite data to improve.  

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Data-Driven Safety: Protect People and Improve Efficiency

Read real-world case studies of how Blackline Safety customers are using data-driven insights from connected technology to better protect their people and get more efficient.

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