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Cool Under Fire: How Blackline Safety is Transforming Emergency Response 

Blackline Safety Leader in Connected Gas Detection & Lone Worker Safety June 26, 2024

Real-time data and advanced gas monitoring technology empower fire and hazmat teams to tackle the toughest emergencies with confidence 

As dangerous fuel spilled across the ground in a major U.S. city, firefighters raced to respond. The G7 personal gas detectors worn on the scene by the department’s firefighters “proved their worth to us right then and there,” as they provided an instantaneous, big picture view of each firefighter’s location and any danger they were facing. “With the real-time data, we could follow how the incident was progressing…. and being able to hear the radio transmissions and see the location of the responders on the map, we were able to quickly direct and adjust the response remotely,” the Fire Department Lieutenant said. 

Whether it’s a chemical fire, flood, gas leak, explosion or any other potentially devastating situation, fire and hazmat teams need to act quickly, share information across multiple groups and stay one step ahead of evolving risk. No one has these responders’ backs like Blackline Safety.  

“That’s because Blackline Safety offers the most comprehensive protection to every imaginable emergency response with our cloud-connected personal and area gas monitors,” says Doug Mayer, Blackline’s Fire Hazmat Business Development Specialist. 

“These drop and go devices are fully scalable and supported by  Blackline Live, our powerful software and analytics platform for full situational awareness—from anywhere—in seconds.” 

Blackline Featured Exhibitor at 2024 FDIC Tradeshow


Doug Mayer, Blackline Safety’s Fire Hazmat Business Development Specialist, engages in a conversation about the significance of connected safety devices and area monitors for the fire service industry at the 2024 FDIC Tradeshow.

Teams can optimize incident responses and get ahead of all the risks responders face—whether from flammable, toxic gases or VOCs, or most pressingly, the alarming rise in battery-related fires from electric vehicles (EVs).  

EVs—A New Risk for Fire Hazmat Teams 

Usage of EVs continues to grow exponentially. So too do the risks to first responders and communities as EV batteries electric-vehicle-battery-fires-scooterare prone to catch fire. And since EVs generally run on lithium-ion batteries, fires from these batteries produce gases not normally encountered during combustible engine fires, meaning responders risk not having the right equipment. Read why Blackline’s flexible solution is perfectly suited to handle this type of situation.

More than 130 fire departments—including Kansas State Fire Marshall, New York State Fire, and Santa Clara County Fire Department—now rely on Blackline’s product and services to keep their people and communities and safe. 


Data-Driven Insights for Peak Performance 

Blackline devices come with a comprehensive reporting suite, Blackline Analytics, to deliver informative insights into incident responses—from gas exposures to the reported compliance of bump tests and calibrations for every piece of your connected fleet.

“When you put it all together, connected safety solutions are revolutionizing fire response by enabling data-driven incident management informed by real-time understanding of gas levels, location of personnel and the early detection of toxic substances or flammable gases,” said Mayer. 

“This data empowers incident commanders to make informed decisions about evacuation routes, resource allocation, and the selection of appropriate firefighting techniques.  

And the best part? You have it all in one vendor and one easy-to-use platform.” 

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