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Fire Department Uses Gas Detectors to Save Lives

Blackline Safety Leader in Connected Gas Detection & Lone Worker Safety April 26, 2022

fire-hasmat-case-study-blog-fuel-spillThe fire department of a southern U.S. city was trialing Blackline Safety technology when a dangerous fuel spill put the devices to the test. Firefighters were called to a local station where 32 gallons (120 liters) of gasoline had spilled out and was flowing rapidly onto the ground. As firefighters—equipped with G7 personal gas detectors—arrived on the scene, their G7s started sending high gas alerts to the fire department lieutenant, over five miles away.

Using the Blackline Live online dashboard, the lieutenant could see the location of the firefighters’ devices on the satellite map and the gas levels they were experiencing. Aided by real-time data from Blackline Safety, the lieutenant was able to assess the situation, direct his people, and contain the situation quickly and safely.


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