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G7: The Hardest Working Gas Detector on the Market

Blackline Safety Leader in Connected Gas Detection & Lone Worker Safety July 24, 2020

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hardest working gas detector

Maximize safety with minimum hassle with our next level G7 portable gas detection system. Read on to learn the benefits of choosing the G7 for your company's safety monitoring solutions and what makes it unique from other options on the market.


Benefits of Using Our Gas Detecting System


“Regulations require businesses to ensure that their gas detection fleet is fully tested, calibrated and regularly being used by personnel — this is one of the safety industry’s biggest gas detection challenges,” said Sean Stinson, VP Sales and Product Management. “The launch of G7 Insight includes a trade-in program to replace outdated ‘beep-and-flash’ gas monitors with a solution that automates and proves gas detection compliance for businesses, at a price you wouldn’t expect.” 

Your company wants and needs to keep all employees safe, whether they’re lone workers or those performing other jobs with risk factors. The award-winning G7 allows you to do just that, easily and conveniently. Here are more specifics.  


Connectivity takes the detector to the next level.


G7 in glove with CO gas detection alerts

G7 is the first and only direct-to-cloud gas detector available, and it’s durable, weatherproof, and intrinsically safe — and unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. Although it works like a standard detector, its connectivity means that every monitor in your system is always correctly configured and up to date, taking employee safety to the next level without added effort on your part.  


To use this system, you don’t need industrial Wi-Fi networks, and you don’t need Bluetooth connections to smartphones (that are often banned, anyhow, from sites). All you need is ten minutes of connectivity each day, and our gas detecting devices do the rest. 


You can use the G7 with confidence. Sensors have a lifetime warranty, with the cartridges able to be exchanged with a new one in just seconds. You can even swap out a cartridge to change a device from a single-gas into a multi-gas detector. This equals zero downtime as you monitor and manage your workforce and their safety.


High visibility facilitates world-class responsiveness. 


This portable gas detector can go where your employees do, giving you a full picture of your worksite at all times. You’ll know where your workers are and can easily verify that they’re safe.  


If the unexpected happens, the patented SOS latch on the G7 makes it easy for every employee to instantly call for help. And, our emergency response and evacuation management tools mean that no call for help ever goes unanswered; live monitoring is available, 24/7. 


Efficient automated compliance and interactive reporting. 


Free up your time through the use of G7’s automated reporting capabilities, powered through its cloud connectivity. You’ll never need to collect another data log or build a report again. Besides being effortless, the interactive reports are highly accurate, digesting all collected data and providing the information you need on our live dashboard. You can get as granular as you’d like, seeing every bump test, every calibration and every usage of the equipment on your dashboard. 


Compare that to traditional detectors without cloud connectivity. Your team members must manually retrieve data from individual in-the-field calibration docks. Next, the information is combined, analyzed, and then reported. Even with a strong focus on this activity, what’s provided to key stakeholders is a snapshot that was valid a week ago. 


To meet compliance requirements, a better solution is needed—with the G7 addressing this situation, providing real-time data.


real time gas detection data


Customizable and future-proofed. 


You can configure and integrate the G7 multi-gas detector according to your unique business needs, with pump and satellite module options available. You can select sensors from more than 20 name brands and turn your G7 into a two-way voice or push-to-talk walkie talkie with 100 different channels.  


G7 is robust enough for the most complex of markets while being versatile enough to use across a wide range of industries and levels of need. Designed to support a safe, connected worksite, it can grow with you. 


How the G7 Increases Safety for Your Team 


Data is collected from G7 devices that are strategically used to monitor gas readings for safety purposes. This information is compiled into your customized online analytics dashboard to provide your company with: 


  • Workers with G7 gas detection devicesLocation-enabled gas readings 
  • All usage information 
  • Insights into alerts 


Alerts include fall and no-motion (man-down) detection, missed check-in, high gas, low gas, short-term exposure limit (STEL), time-weighted average (TWA) gas exposure limit and more. 


If an employee is exposed to one of numerous types of gas, the exact location can easily be viewed with the G7 portable gas detector. After the problem area has been quickly identified, you can monitor emergency response times and gain insights into where hazard mitigation or facility maintenance may be needed. 


In short, you’re easily empowered to make informed decisions, using comprehensive maps, graphs, and tables, to improve worker safety and respond to potential exposure situations. 


More About the G7 Multi-Gas Detector 


Available gas sensors include the following, each with a lifetime guarantee: 


  • Ammonia (NH3) 
  • Carbon dioxide (CO2) 
  • Carbon monoxide (CO and hydrogen) 
  • Chlorine (Cl2) 
  • Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) 
  • Combustible gases (LEL infrared or pellistor) 
  • Oxygen (O2) 
  • Photoionization detector (PID)  
  • Sulfur dioxide (SO2)  


Additional benefits of G7 include how you can:


  • Use this device to make all calls during emergency situations, keeping all employees informed in real-time 
  • See who is (and isn’t) using equipment properly 
  • Compare teams to see who is using safety-related processes 
  • Determining which docking stations are being underused 
  • Map gas leaks to schedule proactive maintenance 
  • Check to see which sensors are reaching end-of-life stages 
  • Make data-driven decisions with YoY and QoQ analyses 
  • Add on optional services 
  • Select premium sensors, including photoionization detector, chlorine, ammonia, and carbon dioxide 


In short, you can seamlessly empower a protective safety culture in your company. 


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