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Major Update: Alerts Management Page Updated

Blackline Safety Leader in Connected Gas Detection & Lone Worker Safety March 12, 2013

Blackline is pleased to announce the release of a new, more comprehensive approach to safety alert management within Blackline’s Loner Portal web application and user accounts.  The updated Alert Management page consolidates the process of managing a safety alert onto a single page, reducing the need to navigate between the Dashboard and Alert History pages.

The Alerts Management page allows a monitoring user to click on the Alert Type in order to manage safety alerts individually.  When clicked, the web application will load an individual safety alert page that includes:

  • The name of the employee in alert
  • The alert type
  • The current alert stage (unacknowledged, acknowledged, or resolved)
  • A new Notes field that allows monitoring personnel to enter notes while the alert is being managed
  • A map of the employee’s location, complete with any nearby employees who are using Loner safety monitoring devices

In the following image, one Silent Alert has been received:

Clicking on the Silent Alert link will load the dedicated page for this individual alert.  When the safety alert page loads, the first request is whether the safety alert should be acknowledged.  If the Yes button is pressed, the alert is opened and the alert state moves from unacknowledged to acknowledged.  If the Close button is pressed, the interface is returned to the previous Alert Management page.


When a safety alert page is open, the device that is in alert is displayed as red icon on the map.  If there are any other Loner device users nearby, their pushpins will be displayed as either with a blue pushpin (online and actively being monitored) or grey (offline and not being monitored – old locations).

In the following image, there are two old locations from Loner device users who are no longer online and may not be nearby to provide assistance, should the alert prove to be a real incident that requires emergency management.

When managing the incident, notes can be added to the safety alert for future reference by typing in the Notes field and pressing the Post button.  The time since the posting of each note is indicated compared to the current time.  For example, in the following image, the note “This is a note!” was entered a few seconds prior to taking the screenshot.

All notes entered are viewable by other users of the account who are logged in at the same time.  These notes can also be exported within the Device Report data export.

When a safety alert is closed, the reason for closing the alert is first selected from the drop-down box followed by pressing the Resolve Alert button.  The alert resolution options include:

  • System Test
  • False Alert without Dispatch
  • False Alert with Dispatch
  • Incident without Dispatch
  • Incident with Dispatch


Caution: once resolved, the safety alert cannot be re-opened.

Once an alert has been resolved, an indication is made at the top and the Alert Resolved button appears and becomes inactive, as shown below.
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