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Real-Life Incident: Isaac and Reed's Story—Highway Rescue

Blackline Safety Leader in Connected Gas Detection & Lone Worker Safety June 22, 2023

Workers save motorists after vehicle plunges down steep embankment on isolated highway.

car-country-road-snowy-weatherWhile driving home from work in icy and stormy winter conditions, Isaac and Reed, two pipefitters working near a tiny northern community in British Columbia, witnessed a car careen off the road and tumble down a steep embankment ahead of them. What made the situation even worse is that particular stretch along the remote highway had no cellular coverage with no way to access help.

Isaac and Reed quickly pulled over and shouted down to the two vehicle occupants. They were ok and not injured but stuck in the deep ditch and couldn’t get out.

nocell-30-percent DID YOU KNOW?
According to data from WhistleOut, Canada’s cellular network supplies coverage for less than 30% of the country.

“It was a terrible situation,” recalled Isaac. “Temperatures were dropping, the visibility was poor due to the storm and lateness of the day, and the car was trapped.”

The power of connectivity

Thankfully, the workers had their connected Blackline Safety G7x devices in the car which they wear while on the job as their fieldwork is often in isolated areas outside of cell range. Reed was able to use his G7x, which runs off satellite connectivity, to send a message out.

Less than a minute later, an agent at Blackline’s Safety Operations Centre in Calgary, Alberta received an alert: Need RCMP. NO CEL SVS. The agent quickly acknowledged receipt of the alert and sent a message back to confirm if everyone was ok. We’re okay Reed answered.

reed-soc-screens-cropped lone-worker-hand-holding-g7x-message-help

Coordinating the response

With the workers' safety confirmed, the agent quickly turned their attention to connecting EMS dispatch. Thanks to the integrated location technology on Isaac's device, the agent was able to relay the exact location of the workers and the stranded vehicle and confirm there were no injuries. A message was sent back to Reed: Help on the way. ETA 30 mins.

ambulance-iconWithin the promised timeframe, EMS arrived on the scene and was able to pull the car and its occupants safely out of the ditch.


"We were so fortunate to have our device with us and be able to call for help,” said Isaac. “This incident had the potential to escalate badly otherwise.”


Protecting workers—and communities

Isaac and Reed were in the right place at the right time with the right technology to help the stranded vehicle and its occupants. But it's not the first time G7s have unintentionally come to the rescue in the broader community. From finding stolen vehicles to detecting carbon monoxide in restaurants and homes, G7–with its location technology, satellite functionality, messaging capabilities and robust gas detection–can protect more than just the people who wear them at work.

Over 150,000 industrial workers worldwide rely on Blackline solutions, saving lives on the job and in the community.

This real-life incident is a true story, but names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of the people involved.

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