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World Day for Safety and Health at Work

Cody Slater April 28, 2020

thumb_1-1As we recognize World Day for Safety and Health at Work, we are in a very different situation with the spotlight placed on the global COVID-19 pandemic and our global response to protect our communities, individuals and businesses. In this unprecedented time, a new lineup of heroes has emerged — our essential frontline workers in healthcare, utilities, energy and manufacturing, as well as those keeping our grocery shelves stocked and our elderly cared for. These individuals have stepped up to keep our societies running as smoothly as possible while the world adjusts to the closure of non-essential businesses, schools and borders, as well as the adoption of new physical distancing measures and strains on our healthcare systems. To each of these heroes, I want to say Thank You, not just from me, but the entire Blackline family.

The emergence and spread of COVID-19 brought new challenges and will have a lasting impact on society. It will continue to require great leadership, innovation and a steadfast commitment to health and safety.

As this pandemic continues to affect our entire world, we must each do what we can to come out on the other side. At Blackline, we are focused on delivering the best in connected safety technology, pursuing the goal of keeping industrial workers safe. Today, we monitor the safety of tens of thousands of workers around the world in over 50 countries. Now, more than ever, this includes monitoring the risks they face from COVID-19. In order to achieve this, Blackline has just released a new suite of location-based tools to help industrial businesses in this new era of health awareness. These tools allow them to identify co-workers who have come in close contact with individuals who presented symptoms or tested positive for COVID-19. The tool can also map the locations where close interactions have occurred, to help reaffirm physical distancing guidelines while also ensuring that the areas and surfaces have been sanitized.

My career in the safety industry began in the 1980s and I’ve witnessed first-hand the obstacles that people can overcome when they put the safety of others first. I’ve been fortunate enough to lead teams who have transformed what it means to be safe at work not once, but twice — first at BW Technologies and now at Blackline. If there is one thing I’ve learned from these experiences, it is that the men and women in our industry are unrelenting in their pursuit of ensuring safe environments for all workers. While I take pride in all the accomplishments of the team here at Blackline, I would also like to recognize our customers, partners and as well our competitors. We all have a shared goal of making the world a safer place and that goal has never been more important than it is today. 

COVID-19 may be the latest challenge we must overcome together. However, it’s not the first nor the last. As an industry, our community is committed and resilient. Collectively, we continue to protect the lives of millions of workers worldwide and deliver on our commitment to their families who rely on us to ensure the health and safety of their loved ones each day.


Stay safe and stay healthy,

Cody Slater,

Chief Executive Officer & Chair, Blackline Safety 

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