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G7 service plans

System access service Plan

Our System Access plan provides everything you need to manage a world-class gas detection program through G7 connectivity to our Blackline Cloud that provides automated gas detection compliance reporting. System Access is included with each of our purchase, lease and Blend buying options and includes:

  • G7 device wireless connectivity
  • Data storage in the Blackline Cloud with 99.9% uptime
  • Over-the-air G7 configuration management
  • Over-the-air firmware updates
  • Real-time compliance dashboard
  • Automated compliance reporting with our base-level data analytics 

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Our purchase program includes two years of our System Access with the option to purchase additional terms when the initial period ends. Our lease and Blend programs provide System Access during the full service plan term.

Real-time service planS 

Blackline's suite of real-time service plans are completely optional for businesses that are looking for the latest in direct-to-cloud gas detection technology. Real-time services connect workers in the field to a live monitoring team, supporting emergency and evacuation response management. We also provide two-way emergency voice calling to the live monitoring team, increasing overall situational awareness, performance and quality. 

Get more from real-time services

For clients wanting to extend their investment into connected worker technology, G7 wearables and G7 EXO area as monitors also provide push-to-talk (PTT) voice collaboration. Working like an affordable walkie-talkie, PTT enables teams to collaborate on 100 channels, increasing efficiency and quality. Going a step further, real-time services also increase G7 data reporting intervals to the Blackline Cloud. High-resolution data streaming means that every event and gas reading is location-enabled, opening the door to a new world of capabilities through data science.  

Self-monitoring plan

Our Self-monitoring real-time service plan enables your supervisors, managers, network operations center or other partner to monitor the safety of your teams in the field and throughout facilities. Every alert generated by G7 wearables or G7 EXO area gas monitors are managed from receipt through to resolution using our Blackline Live software. Configure email and text message alerts to your team and use our alert management workflow that features a map where your teams are distributed in order to organize an effective responser. 

For optimum performance, add our two-way voice emergency voice plan that enables your monitoring team to call a worker in distress in order to optimize your response. 

Blackline 24/7 Monitoring plan

Our in-house Safety Operations Center (SOC) oversees emergency and evacuation response management services for tens of thousands of workers. Should your business not be configured to optimally manage proactive responses, our TMA Five Diamond SOC includes a team of highly trained agents that have your business covered. Our team boasts a response time with an engaged agent in under 60 seconds 99% of the time. 

For the ultimate in emergency and evacuation response management, our clients have the option of adding two-way emergency voice calling.

Two-way emergency voice calling plan

Both our Self-monitoring and Blackline 24/7 Monitoring plans have the option of combining two-way emergency voice calling. This feature enables the live monitoring team to initiate a voice call with a worker in distress, where her or his G7c will automatically answer via its built-in speakerphone. The power of real-time voice communication enables the live monitoring team to efficiently tailor the response based on the exact context and conditions.

For transparency, all voice calls are recorded, aiding incident reporting processes.

Push-to-talk collaboration plan

With Push-to-talk (PTT), your teams can use G7 just like a walkie-talkie. PTT features 100 channels of collaboration  and global coverage that supports 250 users per channel. Affordability of our PTT service plan means that you can place the power of a walkie-talkie into the hands of all your personnel would not normally be equipped with a two-way radio. PTT is a highly valuable service that increases efficiency and quality, plus delivers critical connectedness needed to manage an emergency incident or an evacuation.  

Blackline Vision plans

The power of direct-to-cloud connectivity offered by G7 wearables and G7 EXO area gas monitors means they open up a new world of possibilities. Digital transformation is a key force that's moving enterprises into a future where they are more competitive, efficient, safer and operate with the highest quality possible. 

Learn more about Blackline Vision

Our in-house Blackline Vision team provides a broad range of insight and cloud services that help businesses as they transform digitally, and beyond. Our Vision team supports enterprises with activities such as determining the most efficient routes through a facility, where to place cool-down units and how to ensure that supervision efforts are effective with teams as they move throughout their projects. 


We provide tools that enable employers to improve the outcome for workers who have suffered a safety incident, health issue or physical assault. We don’t prevent incidents but we are there to make the most of difficult and dangerous situations. 
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