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Benefits That Take G7 Portable Gas Detector to the Next Level

Blackline Safety Leader in Connected Gas Detection & Lone Worker Safety March 12, 2021

G7 gas detectors provide complete safety-related visibility into your entire workplace in real-time, thanks to direct-to-cloud connectivity and customizable configurations. As a lone worker device, single gas or multi-gas detector, G7 provides the ultimate in safety, from its patented SOS latch to the availability of 24/7 live monitoring. And its rugged design is up to any challenge or environment.

Five Key Benefits

1) Enjoy the simplicity of four devices in one. 

g7 portable gas detector benefitsThere are thousands of different job sites which means there are thousands of worker safety concerns. From lone workers remotely in the field to employees entering a confined space, the G7 has the flexibility to fulfill your safety needs. 

  1. World-class gas detector - G7 is the first direct-to-cloud connected personal gas detector and has over 20 gases available with either 3G/4G cellular or satellite connectivity for even the most remote locations. G7 streams bump test, calibration and usage data to the Blackline Cloud, automating your regulatory compliance reporting. Spend less time retrieving data logs from the field and more time taking care of what's important, your business.
  2. Lone worker monitoring - G7 ensures safety for potential fall, scheduled check-ins and no-motion events by automatically triggering a pending alarm asking the user to check in, as needed. Unanswered pending alarms are escalated to alerts and communicated to monitoring personnel. Additionally, with the SOS latch, a worker can manually trigger the device in an emergency situation or in the case of a health concern, automatically notifying safety personnel. 
  3. Walkie-talkie functionality - with its Push-To-Talk (PTT) feature G7 can be transformed into a two-way radio similar to a walkie-talkie, allowing lone workers to instantly call coworkers on the same channel or to easily switch channels to talk to other teams. The PTT capability requires no radio licensing, unlike conventional radios, and has no range limit. Two-way voice calling also allows for emergency communications between a worker and the live monitoring team.
  4. Contact Tracing device - Protecting the safety of your teams and worksites is our top priority. That's why we deliver industry-leading connected safety technology including automated industrial contact tracing and close contact detection solutions — to help ensure the safety of your employees and your business during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

gas detector cartridge replacement2) Respond to changing situations with ease. 

This portable gas detector comes with a wide range of field-replaceable and interchangeable diffusion cartridges to provide complete customizability. The diffusion cartridges can detect one to five gases featuring sensors with a lifetime warranty. 

If a sensor fails or reaches the end of its lifetime, the cartridge can quickly be swapped out in under a minute. If your gas detection requirements change or you want to use the monitor in a different application, simply convert G7 from a single gas to a multi-gas detector by swapping out the cartridge. G7’s plug-and-play cartridges maximize uptime and minimize maintenance time — translating into worker efficiency and financial savings.

gas detection pump confined space entry3) Enter confined spaces with confidence. 

When a G7 device is fit with a pump cartridge, a worker has the ability to advance test atmospheres for confined space entries, check for gas leaks, manage workflows in confined spaces, receive alerts, and more. Through our from-the-ground design, this multi-gas pump cartridge leverages turn-key connectivity to provide your business with valuable data about potential gas hazards. 

This allows businesses to gain powerful insights and control over each confined space entry. With data generated by each G7 portable gas detector being location enabled via GPS, you know the exact location of any gas exposures in your worksite. This data is then automatically uploaded to the Blackline Safety cloud. The pump cartridges are fully customizable, seamlessly addressing record-keeping, visualization and analysis in a future-forward way.

gas detection compliance4) Ensure compliance with real-time reporting.

If you’ve ever wondered how compliant your gas detection devices are, G7 and Blackline Live provide you with your answer. With the Blackline Live dashboard, you can view valuable and potentially life-saving data about your gas detection fleet including which devices have been bump tested, calibrated or failed a test. The status of your entire gas detection fleet is at your fingertips so you can ensure everyone is compliant and safe. 

With the G7 Dock, device compliance is even easier. The dock makes bump tests and calibration a snap and, after a test is completed, the device automatically streams test results to the Blackline Live portal. Plus, it doesn’t require an internet connection. The data is communicated by the G7 to the cloud through cellular or satellite networks.

5) Gain insight with Blackline Live monitoring.

With Blackline Live monitoring, you’ll have full visibility of the safety of your team as they are always connected through our worry-free safety monitoring service. When your employees wear G7 devices, they are connected to real people who monitor them wherever the site is located. If your business doesn’t have supervisors who are always available, or you don’t have a safety control room, Blackline’s in-house center is staffed 24/7/365 with trained monitoring professionals. Our Safety Operations Center team provides businesses like yours with expert monitoring and safety support so that you can focus on your operations.

Our live safety monitoring portal shows the safety status of every employee in real time giving a comprehensive look at the current situation in a glance. Monitoring personnel can see a safety alert’s type as soon as it occurs, whether it's a gas detection event, a potential injury or health concern or can quickly respond if there is a need for evacuation.

From the moment of incident onset through resolution, all activities are time stamped and annotated. This transparent reporting about response time indicates that 99.5% of alerts receive a response in less than one minute.

Contact Blackline Safety for Multi-Gas Monitoring Solutions

G7 portable gas detectors provide companies with never-seen-before capabilities and unparalleled flexibility. G7 gas detectors can be customized to your unique work environments, including the most complex and hazardous ones. Whether your company uses our standard or exotic gas sensors, you can proceed with confidence, knowing they meet the highest standards.

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