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Posts about Fire and Hazmat

Fire and Hazmat Response Series (3 of 3): Connected Safety Enables Retrospective Analytics After an Incident
May 05, 2021
Throughout a hazmat response, portable gas detectors and area monitors give first responders and command centers the data and...
Fire and Hazmat Response Series (2 of 3): Have Total Command During an Incident
April 28, 2021
When a response team arrives on the scene of a chemical release  emergency or hazmat incident,  they  must quickly evaluate the...
Fire and Hazmat Response Series (1 of 3): Preparation is more than key, it’s vital.
April 14, 2021
From chemical fires to gas leaks and explosions, emergency responders are the first on the scene and take control of potentially...
Fire and Hazmat Gas Monitoring Guide: Take Command of Your Response
April 09, 2021
  For fire service teams responding to hazardous materials (hazmat) scenarios, speed and accuracy are of the essence. Hazmat incidents...