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Blackline Safety is the global leader in connected safety and connected worker technology. Our G7 family includes personal and area gas detection with unparalleled configurability and ease of use. With a lineup of over 20 gas sensors and a plug-and-play interface, every G7 wearable and G7 EXO area monitor supports easy customization. 


Beyond gas detection, our G7 wearables and area monitoring solutions support confined space entry, lone worker monitoring, emergency response, evacuation management. 



Cloud-connected Gas Detection

  • Wireless Gas Detection
  • Lone Workers
  • Evacuations
  • Mass Notifications
  • Compliance

Blackline is the only connected safety company with comprehensive direct-to-cloud safety monitoring. Whether it's lone worker monitoring or gas detection, our 4G-connected wearables and area monitoring system have your workers and facilities covered. 

G7 EXO area gas monitor for OSHA confined space gas detection, area gas detection

G7 EXO Area Gas Monitor

The world’s first direct-to-cloud connected area monitor with integrated 4G communications

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Confined space are monitors G7 personal gas detection

G7c Personal Gas Monitors

The world's first direct-to-cloud personal gas monitor, now with 4G connectivity

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Gas sensors for portable gas detectors

Leading gas sensors

Easily configure G7 wearables and G7 EXO with over 20 plug-and-play gas sensors

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Gas sensor for combustible gases LEL methane

LEL-MPS Sensor

With new MPS technology from NevadaNano, say goodbye to pellistor poisoning forever

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G7 Dock bump test and calibration dock

G7 Dock

Automated bump testing, calibration and compliance reporting through cloud-connectivity 

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G7 gas detector and lone worker safety satellite

G7x Personal Gas Monitors

True last-mile safety monitoring with satellite connectivity and personal gas detection

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Cloud Software & Services

  • Wireless Gas Detection
  • Lone Workers
  • Evacuations
  • Mass Notifications
  • Compliance

Our Blackline Live cloud-hosted software automates configuration management for your entire gas detection fleet. Similarly, regulatory gas detection compliance is also fully automated using our Blackline Analytics interactive reporting.

Many of our customers adopt our real-time emergency response management service. Blackline Live makes it easy to manage  G7 wearables and area monitor alerts from receipt to resolution efficiently and accountably. 


Gas detection safety software data infographics

Blackline Live Portal

Easy cloud-hosted user portal for emergency response management and configuration

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 Safety monitoring 24/7 software and personnel

24/7 live monitoring

Monitor your teams using our cloud software or take advantage of our 24/7 Safety Operations Center

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Industrial Contact Tracing COVID-19

Industrial Contact Tracing

Safeguard your employees and businesses through automated industrial contact tracing.

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Regulatory Gas Detection Compliance Reporting

Regulatory Compliance

Blackline Analytics automates regulatory gas detection compliance through easy, interactive visual reporting

Location technology for gas detection

Location technology

GPS, GNSS and beacon location technology is built into every G7 wearable and G7 EXO area monitor

Lone Worker Safety 

  • Lone Workers
  • Evacuations

Blackline enables small and medium-sized businesses through to enterprises with world-leading lone worker solutions. Our combination of lone worker wearables and smartphone app deliver critical safety monitoring features to keep lone workers safe.

Lone worker monitoring is backed by our Blackline Live cloud-hosted monitoring and configuration portal and the option of 24/7 live monitoring.

G7 Lone Worker safety device

G7 Lone Worker

Industrial-grade lone worker monitoring wearable with True Fall Detection and patented SOS latch

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Blackline Lone Worker safety app

Loner Mobile App

Leading safety monitoring app for Android and iPhone with optional Loner Duo Bluetooth accessory

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Lone worker safety device for fall detection

Loner Duo

A Bluetooth accessory that supplements Loner Mobile with additional safety monitoring capabilities.

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Your supervisory personnel, including managers and team leaders have a valuable job—keeping your business moving safely forward. Available in Canada and the United States, Blackline’s in-house, 24/7/365 Safety Operations Center provides organizations like yours the option of an expert monitoring service that allows your supervisor roles to stay focused on your business activities.



We provide tools that enable employers to improve the outcome for workers who have suffered a safety incident, health issue or physical assault. We don’t prevent incidents but we are there to make the most of difficult and dangerous situations.

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